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DENVER (KDVR) — The attorney for Kyle Vinson, the man strangled and pistol-whipped by an Aurora police officer, said his client is not happy to still be in jail while the officers in his brutal arrest are out on bond.

“He is safe,” but still in police custody, attorney Nicholas Lutz said.

Vinson was stopped for trespassing, but he had a warrant. That’s when he ended up on the receiving end of a violent arrest last week.

“He did absolutely nothing to deserve what happened to him,” Lutz said. He said Vinson will have a long recovery from the effects of this arrest.

“After being struck in the face with a pistol 13 or more times, he has, as you can imagine, sustained likely longstanding injuries,” Lutz said.

Both officers involved in this case face criminal charges. But as Lutz explained, they’ve bonded out of jail — unwelcome news for his client.

“He is struggling with the fact that while he remains in custody, the officers that did this to him bonded out and are free,” Lutz said.

Aurora’s police chief used words like “disgusted” and “angry” to describe the department’s feelings about the officers’ actions in Vinson’s arrest.

“We absolutely commend Chief (Vanessa) Wilson for coming out early on this issue,” Lutz said.

Lutz said Vinson and his family aren’t so satisfied with the reaction, or lack thereof, from Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman.

“Mayor Coffman has not even commented on this incident,” Lutz said. “He hasn’t come out to apologize to the family, to express remorse for the family.”

On Wednesday, Coffman took to social media to summarize the incident, but he added that commenting about it before an investigation would not be appropriate.

Lutz said his client wants justice to be served, part of which, he said, includes changes at the Aurora Police Department “so that things like this do not continue to happen to people like Mr. Vinson.”

Vinson remains in a cell at the Denver County Jail.

Lutz said it’s too soon to how long he’ll be there or when he’ll be allowed to leave.