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DENVER — An attorney has been charged with illegally running a short-term rental business, the Denver District Attorney’s Office said Monday.

Aaron Elinoff was charged Friday with one count of attempting to influence a public servant.

Owners of short-term rentals must use the location being rented as their primary residence under the Denver Municipal Code.

Prosecutors said Elinoff submitted an application for a short-term rental for 641 Raleigh St. in March.

As part of the application, Elinoff included a notarized affidavit that claimed his primary residence is on Raleigh Street.

But an investigation by Denver’s Excise and Licensing found Elinoff lives at 1316 Tennyson St.

On June 5, an inspector drove to the Tennyson property and saw Elinoff gardening.

When the inspector approached and asked if he lived there, Elinoff told her yes, prosecutors said. He then declined to answer any more questions.

The inspector drove to the Raleigh Street house where she saw Elinoff go inside.

The inspector talked with neighbors at both locations and determined the Tennyson Street house was Elinoff’s primary residence.

Prosecutors allege Elinoff made a false statement in the notarized affidavit. He is due in court on July 17.