DENVER (KDVR) – Police are investigating an alleged abduction attempt that happened on Friday morning during which a student fought back while a suspect attempted to grab her outside of a Thornton school.

According to officials at Adams 12 Five Star Schools, the girl fought back and sought the assistance of nearby adults which caused the suspect to flee.

The girl is safe and is back with her family, but now, more so than ever, is the time to address this difficult-to-discuss topic with your own kids so that they are armed with the information and the ‘know-how’ to handle a similar situation if they’re ever faced with one.

In a letter sent out to parents from Adams 12 Five Star Schools, helpful suggestions on how to approach starting these discussions with your kids were outlined.

Safety skills for parents to discuss with their children

It is important to be direct when discussing this topic with children so that the delivery of the message is not lost in translation.

It’s also a good idea to remind them that adults who need help wouldn’t typically be asking children for help. They would instead likely be directing their questions toward another adult. So tell your child to be wary of adults asking for directions or assistance, as this can and has been used as an abduction technique of kidnappers.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools also said that it’s vital to help your children know how to identify methods that a potential abductor may use to entice them into their vehicle.

Let them know that there is safety in numbers, meaning that a kidnapper is less likely to target a group of children, as opposed to an individual child.

Let your child know that if they ever feel scared, confused or uncomfortable by a person, it is important to let you or a trusted adult know immediately. Emphasize the message that every child has the right to be and feel safe.

As was made apparent today, when a child is approached like this, they should yell and get the attention of people around them. Adams 12 Five Star Schools said that it’s important to say “No” when you are approached and made to feel scared by an adult.

If you are a student of Adams 12 Five Star Schools and have been emotionally impacted by this attempted abduction, please contact your school’s main office and you will be connected with the support you need.

Discussing adult topics with children is rarely easy, but that feeling of discomfort that comes with discussing the realities of life with a child is an indicator that you are arming them with the knowledge they need in order for them to understand what to do if they are ever faced with this type of incident. Unfortunately, this is something they have to be prepared for.