COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — The owners of a Colorado Springs brewery say they are fulfilling orders made in the wake of the Club Q mass shooting.

Richard Fierro, who owns Atrevida Beer Company with his wife, helped stopped the Club Q shooter in November. After the account of Fierro’s involvement went public, people flooded the brewery’s website to buy merchandise.

The couple said they have struggled to fill those orders because they just did not have the capacity.

“As a company, this has been the most overwhelming and intimidating situation we have found ourselves in, while being in the midst of chaos. The biggest factor here is that we are also human where real human emotions take precedence at times,” reads a statement from Atrevida Beer Company.

They say they have not received any of the sales funds, as they were held because of the significant influx in purchases.

Now, they want customers to know they are working with a new merchandiser, saying shipping will start soon and every pending order will be fulfilled.

“We know that we have a business to tend to but we also have bad days. We hurt. We have triggers. We have trauma. We have physical injuries. Trial dates. Questioning. It’s a lot. We are human too,” the statement reads. “We realize that it’s not timely but we are also at the mercy of other business timelines. Know that we are continuing to do our best.”