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DENVER — At least 2,100 teachers called in so far on Monday morning giving us a good indication of how many plan to strike, Denver Public Schools said.

That’s about half of the teachers in the district, according to school district figures.

Picketing is scheduled to start around 7 a.m. on Monday morning with a march taking place from South High School to the intersection of Colfax and Speer beginning at 9 a.m.

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FOX31 and Channel 2 will carry the march live and have continuing coverage all day.

DPS has been negotiating with the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (the union representing teachers) about teacher pay for 15 months. On Saturday, union leaders walked out of last-minute bargaining efforts with DPS, saying a strike would start Monday.

The two sides disagree about pay increases and bonuses for teachers in high-poverty schools and other schools the district considers a priority. Teachers want lower bonuses to free up money for better overall salaries, while administrators say the bonuses are necessary to boost the academic performance of poor and minority students.

Bonuses paid to teachers with more than 14 years of experience do not become part of their base pay, which critics say encourages high turnover and hurts students. Both sides have agreed to get rid of that provision but disagree about how big the bonuses should be for teachers working in high-poverty schools and in schools deemed a high priority by the district.