LOUISVILLE, Colo. (KDVR) — NASA astronaut Jessica Watkins visited and spoke to the student body of the middle school she attended as a child. Her mission was to inspire the kids to achieve their dreams.

It was at Louisville Middle School where twelve-year-old Watkins entertained dreams that were literally out of this world. Those dreams came true as Watkins, now a NASA astronaut, is back on Earth from a six-month-long space mission on board the International Space Station.

“We did over 250 different scientific experiments of all different types of science. Then the other 30% of our time is doing maintenance,“ said Watkins.

Today Watkins returns to the school where she used to only dream of exploring the final frontier.

“To be able to say hello to old teachers and see what’s changed and what hasn’t changed and really just hopefully to inspire the children who are in the seats that I once sat in,“ said Watkins.

Students at Louisville Middle School packed the auditorium and were treated to a video of Watkin’s journey while the astronaut narrated her experience in space.

“Really hoping to share the message that you can dream really big and dreams can come true,” said Watkins.

That message was heard loud and clear.

“I thought it was really cool. It was so inspiring like anyone like a person like me can do things like that,“ said seventh grader Sadie Gabriel.

“This woman who has gone to space for 160 days came to our school. She went to our school and I could be like that. I could go to space,“ said seventh grader Carver Choi.

Watkins says her journey into space was not launched from a rocket pad, but right here from Louisville Middle School.