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LOUISVILLE, Colo. (KDVR) — Louisville could have passed as a war zone on Friday morning, as flames still lingered in what used to be garages, bedrooms and basements of residents’ homes.

Over 100 mile-an-hour winds stoked sparks that officials believe were caused by a downed powerline Thursday morning, leading to the most destructive fire in Colorado history. Louisville and Superior residents were told to evacuate with no time to spare.

As the smoke clears, a neighborhood in Louisville lies in ashes, resembling the aftermath of a bombing. While many homes are now reduced to rubble, others still stand, remaining perfectly intact. The overall feeling is eerie.

FOX31 reporter Dan Daru describes the scene “as if a bomb hit.” The neighborhood smelled like a fireworks show, with flames still burning what little is left of someone’s Mercedes-Benz van.

The Marshall Fire burned hot and quick through the neighborhood, choosing some houses to burn, others to spare. It is a testament to the unforeseeable future of the families who lost their homes.

FOX31 will continue coverage throughout the day Friday, with live footage of the fallout from the Marshall fire.

For evacuee shelter resources, click here. Keep updated and watch the FOX31 Live Stream as more information comes in.