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DENVER (KDVR) – In Denver, there have been 100 more thefts from vehicles per month in 2020 than last year. Research shows that just in the the last three months, Denver has produced half as many thefts from vehicles as all of last year. The spike began at the start of the pandemic.

Jennifer Gordan-Smith happens to be one the most recent victims of recent break-ins.

“I don’t know how I’m going to replace those items,” said Gordan-Smith.

A nurse who cares for her patients in the comfort of their own homes, Gordan-Smith got the call before leaving for work Tuesday. Her landlord called to say her car doors were open and the lights were on. Her medical bag, which held more than $300 of medical supplies, was gone.

“It’s essentially useless for anyone that’s not in the medical field. it does not have narcotics in it,” she said.

Gordan-Smith’s car was parked at Federal Boulevard and Dartmouth Avenue in the Harvey Park neighborhood. According to police, it’s the third break-in to happen in that area this week. Gordan-Smith filed a police report and officers told her they would increase patrol efforts.

It doesn’t make her situation any easier however, worried how she’s going to tend to all four of her patients including a man suffering from skin cancer, who needs special bandages for his face wounds. The equipment in the nurse’s bag was special ordered and not easily replaced. 

“I hope somebody finds it walking down the street because they thought it was useless and they threw it,” said Gordan-Smith. “I need it to care for people. It’s not about me.”

If you have any information on the missing bag, you should immediately call police.