ARVADA, Colo. (KDVR) — Arvada Police are warning drivers about a vehicle lurking in parking lots waiting for an opportunity to steal valuables.  

Police describe the vehicle as a 2018 or newer black Toyota Camry believed to be linked to several property thefts dating back to mid-February across the metro area including Littleton, Lone Tree and other parts of Douglas County. 

Police describe the suspect vehicle as a 2018 or newer black Toyota Camry usually seen with stolen license plates or none at all. (Courtesy: Arvada Police Department)

Chase Amos with the Arvada Police Department said there have been three reported cases involving this vehicle just in Arvada, specifically in preschool and doggie daycare lots. 

“These criminals are casing these cars, probably see the car unlocked, they get everything they can out of the car as quick as they can and then they split,” Amos said. 

FOX31 spoke to Kyle, a parent picking up his son from daycare. 

“I am a little concerned about it,” Kyle said. “It’s kind of the last thing I would think about, spending five minutes going inside dropping off my son and coming back out, it’s a short amount of time.”  

Amos said in all three cases out of Arvada, the victims’ cars have been unlocked or left with the windows rolled down, making it easy for the suspects to quickly steal purses and wallets. 

“These are happening in the middle of the day, during pick-up time at busy parking lots, well-crowded and they don’t care,” Amos said. “They’re taking the opportunity when they can when they see it.” 

In these cases, police told FOX31 the suspects had used the stolen credit or debit cards for large transactions, in some cases before people even know they were gone. 

“We want to remind people to lock your vehicles, secure your belongings, or take them with you,” Amos said. “Even if you’re only gone for a second. That’s all it takes.”  

Police said the vehicle usually has stolen license plates or none at all. If you’ve seen this vehicle or have any information reach out to the Arvada Police Department at 720-898-6900.