ARVADA, Colo. (KDVR) — As inflation is impacting families in the metro area, one local food pantry is reporting a record number of families served in one day this week.

Community Table in Arvada has been around for 40 years. On Thursday, it fed 126 families, which is the busiest day it has ever seen. Now the Community Table is asking for the community’s help.

Debbie McKinnie has been shopping at Community Table since she moved to the area in 2019. She said for her, this food pantry has been a huge blessing.

“Well, I live in a 62-(year-old)-plus community,” McKinnie said. “A lot of people are like myself — very limited budgets.”

In fact, people all around the nation are dealing with tighter budgets and higher costs because of rising inflation. New government numbers show food prices will be up 9.5-10.5% this year compared to last. A September report by the Urban Institute estimated about one in five adults experienced household food insecurity this past summer, and food pantries like the Community Table are feeling the pressure.

Biggest day at Arvada food pantry in 40 years

Sandy Martin is the President and CEO of the pantry, which has been operating and serving the community since 1982.

“(Thursday), we had our biggest day in 40 years. We had 126 families come through. That was 378 people,” Martin said. “We had 14 boxes go out, so that was about 49 individuals we fed through boxes.”

Martin told FOX31 that these numbers show just how the problem is getting bigger and bigger. She also said donors and supporters are doing so much, but they need more food and monetary donations to keep up with the growing demand as inflation tightens its grip during this holiday season, something to which McKinnie and others aren’t strangers.

If you want to donate, please visit their website.

Earlier this month, our FOX31 reported how the food pantry set a goal to get 25,000 pounds of food by Dec. 25. They’ve already surpassed that as of Dec. 16.