COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — The medieval sword-fighting Colorado Wardens team will be heading to Prague, Czech Republic in April for the Buhurt League World Cup.

“I’m excited if I can go and just get one win over a champion from a different country that’s all I need,” Gregory Fisher, the captain of the Colorado Wards said.

The team just competed in the Carolina Carnage national Buhurt tournament. Several members of the Colorado Wards did very well helping the team get a spot at the World Cup.

“It’s fun to be going overseas with the people you’ve been bleeding and sweating with,” Fisher said.

The Colorado Armored Combat community, Fisher said, consists of 35 people but there are around 12 who compete. There are three of the 12 who are heading to Prague along with Marshal Franklin Brodsky.

“These guys are getting dressed up in full medieval armor and hitting each other full force. This is a real martial art, this is not play-acting,” Brodsky said.

The team is expected to head to Prague at the end of April but has started raising money so all of their heavy armor gear can travel with them. Members of the team said it’s expensive to travel with it.

“It is fun. You get smashed and you can smell the sparks, it’s exhilarating. I’m glad I can pretend fight as hard as I can,” Fisher said.