Armed ‘patriots’ planning to attend 2 rallies at Colorado Capitol

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UPDATE: The Brooks brothers say they are no longer planning to attend rallies in Denver.


DENVER (KDVR) – FOX31 is hearing from a Colorado group planning to attend rallies at the state Capitol on Jan. 19 and on Inauguration Day.  

The group’s members say they plan to carry their guns with them on the day President-elect Joe Biden becomes president.     

At the state Capitol, fences have been up for some time and nearby businesses are boarded up.    

The security preparations are underway after the nationwide call for armed marches on state capitols.   

The Twin Outlaw Brotherhood from Colorado Springs is among the groups planning to attend.

“We do not want any conflict. We just want to be there to voice our opinion,” said Twin Outlaw Brotherhood member Justin Brooks.

“I don’t believe carrying the firearm down there to show power is going to do any good. The only reason we would carry is for self-defense,” said Dustin Brooks, another member of the Twin Outlaw Brotherhood.

Dustin and Justin Brooks call themselves patriots.   

They plan to be armed when they attend rallies in Denver on Jan. 19 and Inauguration Day, Jan. 20.   

“I do agree that could worry some people. But you’ve got to understand, what Donald Trump has tried to pass has never even went through. The Senate and House shut him down all the time,” said Dustin and Justin.

They do believe a president — not just Trump but any president — should have more power.   

Presidential power is outlined the Constitution.   

The Brooks brothers say they are not trying to overthrow the government, but they believe the presidential election was a fraud.   

So far, there has been no evidence to prove that claim.   

The Colorado State Patrol says it is monitoring for possible events in Colorado. Denver police are asking people to peacefully assemble if they gather.  

Neither would give specifics regarding security strategies.   

As more protests are planned across the country, the FBI urges residents to stay vigilant. If you are at a gathering and notice something suspicious, or if you see something online, report it immediately. Call 303-629-7171 or visit the FBI’s website.

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