DENVER (KDVR) — A day after a shooting that left two people dead and five others injured, there were still remnants of the chaos that broke out at a place Denver Police described as the Hells Lovers Motorcycle Club.

The shooting took place Sunday around 3 a.m. and, in addition to the seven people who were shot, bullets also entered nearby businesses.

Police described the place as an after-hours club located at 5514 E. 33rd Ave., a notable crime spot according to the Denver Police Department.

“There have been incidents in this block of 33rd and Hudson. We’ve had several homicides and several shootings,” Denver police commander Matt Clark said.

While investigators were at the scene Monday morning, surveillance cameras were visible on the sidewalk where the shooting occurred. It’s not clear if a nearby HALO camera operated by the city captured the shooting.

Neighbors talking to FOX31’s Vicente Arenas said they are concerned.

“Violence there has been a concern. It’s been an issue for some time. What happened this weekend is extremely unfortunate,” Northeast Park Hill Coalition president Kevin Marchman said.

District 8 City Council Member Shontel Lewis said more must be done to help fight things like poverty in the area if the crime rate is going to be reduced.

“I think there will continue to be an opportunity to address the root causes of crime and that’s where my role is to deal with those systemic things and to approach it as systemic,” Lewis said.

This area of the Park Hill neighborhood includes a Denver Public Library, a Boys and Girls Club, as well as a post office and other businesses.

Marchman said something must be done to make this area safer and he has no doubt this crime problem will be discussed in the weeks to come.