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DENVER (KDVR) — The official reopening date for the iconic Casa Bonita restaurant still has not been announced, but an unofficial event created on Facebook says it will be on May 23.

According to the Casa Bonita website, the restaurant is scheduled to reopen in May but no specific day is listed.

Jesse Vogel started the Facebook group titled “The Great Wait in Line Event to eat the first night at Casa Bonita opening night!

He has posted several times, claiming a spot in line for the grand reopening with his dog Luna.

“Everyone! This is far better than sleeping outside of BestBuy for a TV. This is sleeping outside for a once-in-a-lifetime historic event! Gather outside Casa Bonita to get in line for the opening night we’ve all been waiting for. It’s only three months away; and a couple hundred feet from west Colfax… What could go wrong? lol. But seriously, have fun, be safe, come to us if you need help; we will need to band together as a respectful family to pull this one off and be the first people to eat at the new restaurant on opening day,” Vogel posted.

The event has already received over 10,000 responses, with over 700 people saying they are going to attend.

Rules of the group

While Vogel said he does not officially know when Casa Bonita will open, he’s just excited and hoping to eat there.

“You heard it been said that Casa Bonita is not yet open. That is correct. You’ve also heard that we don’t know when it actually opens. You’re correct again! And you may have heard we have nothing to do with the restaurant itself. Ding ding ding – you are a winner! Not to be mean but, we literally just want to eat there…. are ya with us?!?!?! Here’s to cheering on the opening and waiting in line for the best experience restaurants have to offer in 2023! I want to be there the first day. Do you!?” Vogel explained.

He has also made some rules for the group, here are some of them:

  • No sleeping outside when it’s 32 degrees or less
  • Line Waiters are not there to argue with the authorities. We are there to show proper respect and to conduct ourselves in accordance with this.
  • Line Waiters must leave the property better than when they arrived. Every day.
  • Line Waiters CANNOT use the bathroom at establishments without purchasing something.
  • Line Waiters CANNOT spend a minimum amount of money at an establishment and stay as long as possible. Don’t even push it. If Line Waiters choose to be at nearby businesses they must spend an appropriate amount of money for the time they are there.
  • Line Waiters must tip 20% or greater to the servers and establishments who normally get tipped. We are there to be a blessing to these people and to bless them for their services NOT to use them for their services.
  • Line Waiters must have photo ID.

Vogel also made it a point to explain that people waiting in line must not be there to camp but to be there to help the area economically.

“Line Waiters need to show proof of funds each night. We are there to have an amazing experience while being an economic blessing to the area. We are not there to camp. For that reason well qualified partakers must show proof of funds (preferably digitally because the area can be dangerous) so Event Staff knows they will not be camping, but in fact blessing,” Vogel explained.

When was Casa Bonita last open?

The restaurant, which has been around since 1974, hasn’t been open since spring of 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

In September 2021, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of “South Park,” entered into a purchase agreement to buy Casa Bonita.

The previous owners of Casa Bonita filed for bankruptcy in April 2021.