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CENTENNIAL (KDVR) — More and more people are buying golf carts in Colorado and are driving them on city streets. The legality of this is spelled out in Colorado state law.

They certainly are not your grandfather’s golf cart. Probably not your father’s, either. Golf carts equipped with Bluetooth, stereo systems, and backup cameras are selling like hotcakes to non-golfers.

“We are averaging around 100 a month,” said Ken Arrington, who owns Freedom Golf Carts in Centennial. Arrington has more than 160 of them on display in his showroom.

“These will be gone in a couple of months. And will have new ones in that parking space,” Arrington said.

Rules for driving golf carts on the streets

Big, small, stock, loaded, and all the colors of the rainbow, the little cruisers come with just about everything you need. But are they legal to drive on the street?

“They are absolutely legal as long as they qualify as a low-speed vehicle,” Arrington said. This means if it has lights, seatbelts, windshield, turn signal, rearview mirrors and a top speed of 25 mph, then yes, they are legal in Colorado.

Golf cart drivers still have to have a valid driver’s license and must obey all the rules of the road.

Buyers cannot use the electronic vehicle tax credit to get one of these LSVs in Colorado. In some other states, that’s allowed.

Arrington said 90% of his sales are to non-golfers. They are used for short neighborhood trips to the store, the local golf clubhouse or to visit neighbors.