DENVER (KDVR) — If you don’t have insurance that covers your windshield, you may want to get it. While you may not get cited for a cracked windshield, it does put you at risk for liability in a car accident.

Whether it’s rock debris, salt, or even sand in the winter, particles flying at a car windshield above 30 miles an hour is a recipe for a cracked windshield, which isn’t uncommon in Colorado.

Colorado roads are notoriously rougher. Last year, Colorado ranked in the top 20 for the roughest roads in the U.S.

While the roughness of the roads can lead to cracks, Coloradans don’t necessarily need to repair their windshield.

According to sections 54-75 of the Denver Municipal Code, the law doesn’t specifically state that cracked windshields need to be repaired, it only states that the windshield can’t obstruct the view of the driver.

While a cracked windshield isn’t technically illegal, it’s up to the individual police officer to determine if a windshield obstructs a driver’s view, according to The Fang Law Firm.

That being said, the average windshield costs about $400 to repair. While insurance companies tend to cover cracked windshields, it’s not automatically covered in Colorado.

So, a crack across a windshield may go unfixed without any hiccups, that is until there’s an accident.

“Driving a car with an obstructed view of the road is a violation of your duty of care to other drivers and roadway users. If this causes or significantly contributes to a vehicle collision, your car insurance provider will be responsible for paying for a victim’s related expenses,” The Fang Law Firm said on its website.

While a small crack doesn’t necessarily leave you liable, the obstruction law is based on judgment. It’s a way for an attorney to prove the fault of the other driver because of an obstructed windshield.

All in all, it depends on how big the crack is. While it may not seem like a big crack to you, a $400 windshield fix is usually cheaper than a car accident.