DENVER (KDVR) — If you have ever been to a restaurant, you may have debated how much you should tip.

The traditional amount is 15%, but digital kiosks popping up has led to what has been dubbed “tip creeping,” where consumers are sometimes cornered into tipping more than they would normally.

Restaurant management software company Toast — which runs software used on some of the digital kiosks you may have encountered – released a report that shows the cities with the most generous tippers.

So where does Denver rank up when it comes to tipping?

Denver residents are good tippers

According to Toast, Denver ranks as the No. 2 city with the highest tippers among the cities they looked at.

On average, Denverites tipped 19.8%.

Denver residents were even more generous than that when it came to full-service restaurants and in-person dining, with the average tips for those being 20.4% for each.

The only city that tipped more on average was Cleveland, Ohio, with an average tip of 20.6%.

The 5 metropolitan areas with the highest tips, according to Toast:

  • Cleveland, Ohio – 20.6%
  • Denver, Colorado – 19.8%
  • Salt Lake City, Utah – 19.6%
  • Phoenix, Arizona – 19.5%
  • Richmond, Virginia – 19.3%

Colorado overall did not come out looking as generous as the Mile High City, only ranking No. 17 for average tips.

However, the whole state did have a slightly higher average tip of 19.9%.

Delaware, according to Toast, is the most generous state, with average tips coming out to 21.8%.

California, on the other hand, had the lowest average tip of 17.5%.