LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) — Late last year, Tri-County Health officially dismantled with the three counties in the health department deciding to go their own way. The last county to leave the department is hosting a town hall Thursday night for the public to weigh in with concerns.

Leaders in Arapahoe County said the process is going well so far but they know they still have several questions to answer ahead of their launch next year.

“Really, all departments in the county have been working since last summer or fall once we realized that we would need to create a single county health department,” Luc Hatlestad said.

Ahead of their new health department’s launch, people with the county leaders said it has been a lot of work.

“It’s everything from finance, to the attorneys to the board and all the staff underneath them, we are all doing various things to get prepared so that we can launch by Jan. 1. It’s going quite well. It’s certainly a lot of work, it’s added a lot to a plate that was already quite full,” Hatlestad said.

Arapahoe was the last county to leave Tri-County Health after Adams and Douglas counties left them without much of a choice. Now, they are taking questions from the community about what the new department means for them. A question sure to come up is if the new department affects your taxes.

“We don’t know what the specific costs are going to be yet and whether they will be higher or how much higher. We can guess that they might be a little bit higher but in order to do any sort of a tax increase, we would have to bring it to the voters because of TABOR. So the very earliest that could happen is late next year and even that is not something we’ve been discussing actively right now,” Hatlestad said.

Another question the county admittedly has to figure out is how counties will handle the bulk of health matters for the third-most populated city in the state.

“Aurora is currently divided into the three counties right? So parts of it are in Adams, parts in us, and parts in Douglas and that’s going to be a trick for Aurora to really figure out how best to serve its own residents,” Hatlestad said. “We certainly are going to play the role of serving everyone who lives in the Arapahoe County part of Aurora.”

Most of Aurora’s population is within Arapahoe County. The City of Aurora told FOX31, “There have not been any further internal discussions on how Aurora will receive public health services. We are actively monitoring Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas counties as they develop their own health departments.”

You can call into to the town hall by dialing 855-436-3656 and using *3 to ask a question. You can find more information on the town hall on the county website.