FORT COLLINS, Colo. (KDVR) — Residents of a Fort Collins apartment complex are hoping their landlord cracks down on owners controlling their dogs.

After several close calls and a deadly dog attack, people who live there at the Governor’s Park apartment complex are speaking out. 

“The second I let her outside, she barked once, and another dog came over from an apartment, like behind, and just grabbed her and attacked her and ended up puncturing her lung and killing her instantly,” she said. 

Her 4-pound chihuahua Hadley was attacked at her apartment in Fort Collins. 

“Finally, the owner came over and she got control of the dog and took him back, and then I got Hadley and noticed that she was bleeding and her head was very limp,” Carbajal said.  

She stepped in to try and stop it, and her hands got puncture marks in the process.  

“I had to go to urgent care after everything happened … and be put on antibiotics for risk of infection,” Carbajal said. 

Her hands have since healed, but the sharpest pain was knowing it all could have been prevented. 

It turns out a former resident of the same complex, Stephen Luersen, was concerned about dangerous dogs there too.  

“Quite a few vicious dogs were on the property. A number of interactions I had with them being off the leash,” Luersen said. “So a lot of communication was done with the office about the concern of the safety of my pets.”

Luersen said he had many close encounters.  He wrote management to let them know – but he said instead of getting better. 

“A very big dog was extremely ferocious, scared me, came at us. We were able to get them inside from the backyard and make our escape. So we were very lucky,” Luersen said. “It kept escalating and getting worse … So we decided to make a move that we needed to move out of that location for our own safety.”

He shared the post on social media. Carbajal said she wished she’d heard about it from management instead.

“I think it should be communicated that these things happened. I know it sucks and no one wants it to happen and it does suck on their end as well. But it would be a lot easier to take that over than to take my dog actually dying,” Carbajal said. 

FOX31 reached out to the Governor’s Park apartment complex management and have not heard back yet.