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DENVER (KDVR) — An anti-transgender mailer printed in Spanish is now making its way through Colorado just before the election.

It targets the growing Latino community across the state.

There is fear the mailers and Spanish radio ads, which are said to be full of misinformation, could help sway the vote.

A large group of Latino organizations is now asking the community to take action to stop the spread of misinformation. Families in heavily Hispanic neighborhoods have reportedly been receiving anti-transgender fliers since Saturday.

They are written in Spanish with a headline that falsely claims the Biden Administration, progressives and left-wing politicians are pushing radical and irreversible experiments on children.

Luis Torres said he received two of them.

“I have one of them here, first I was absolutely shocked at how horrible and vicious this is,” Torres said.

Colorado’s Latino Action Council, representing more than 90 Latino organizations in the state, denounced the flier. The groups said information about medication transgender children take is just not true.

“Latinos are increasingly targeted by voter misinformation such as this,” Latino Action Council Director Milo Marquez said.

The flier said it was paid for by the America First Legal Foundation. The organization’s website says, among other things, it fights the radical left and is led by a former advisor to Donald Trump.

“We know from the backgrounds that this is a racist move using a scapegoat of our trans community to diminish or thin out our Latino vote,” Latino Coalition of Weld County President Stacy Suniga said.

The Latino organizations also say the fliers are attempting to persuade Latinos to vote for more conservative candidates. Ruby Lopez is a transwoman who said the flier can help tear families apart and hurt transgender children.

“I already know the Latin community is susceptible to certain anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. When I saw this, I was triggered. It made me sick, honestly,” Lopez said.

Lopez added the misinformation could make it harder for transgender children to get the support they need from their own families. The Latino Action Council says it’s hoping Spanish-speaking families recognize the flier as election propaganda.

FOX31 is told there are ads also playing on Spanish language radio, which are listened to by many Spanish speakers. The Latino Action Council on Thursday called for those ads to be pulled off the air.

The America First Legal Foundation has not responded to FOX31 for comment directly.

In tweets this week, the organization restated the message in the mailers. AFL called “gender-affirming care,” puberty blockers, hormones and the removal of breasts and genitals “permanent changes” that are endorsed by the Biden Administration.

The Latino Action Council says it is now trying to inform the community about what it says is misleading and hurtful information.