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LOUISVILLE, Colo. — Speeding is a big problem in many Colorado communities, and it’s one many people feel helpless to do anything about.

However, one man in Louisville is tackling the problem head-on.

Dylan Frusciano is fed up with drivers speeding through his town, so he’s designed several signs urging drivers to slow down, using a not-so-subtle message.

The signs read “STFD Louisville,” which means “Slow the (Expletive) Down.”

“I’m not a social activist. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I wasn’t going to stand by and not do anything and then God forbid an accident does occur,” Frusciano said.

However, those four letters have sparked a war of words. Mary Trofino is one of several Louisville residents appalled by the signs.

“Children are watching. Do we not know that?” she said. “Words matter and the irony here is those words or influences in the words are absolutely inappropriate.”

However, some believe the four letters are accomplishing something simple phrases such as “slow down” cannot.

Alisa Mallinger’s teenage son was recently hit by a car outside his school. She says the signs are the only thing that seems to be getting through to drivers.

“It was horrifying getting that call from my son. He’s never been hit by a car and I was shocked,” she said.

Frusciano said that’s mission accomplished, a way to get people to start talking about Louisville’s speeding problem and the need to slow down.