DENVER (KDVR) — Six days into the new year and on Friday there was already a new wreck at 13th Avenue and Eudora Street in Denver, frustrating residents who’ve been asking for changes.

It’s an intersection that’s been an issue for years and one FOX31 has been covering for just as long. This new crash was caught on a neighbor’s doorbell camera.

The Problem Solvers, as well as residents here, have been pressing the city about what their plans are to slow down drivers in this area.

Many residents feel like sitting ducks, including Eric Haglund whose home was hit in July and almost hit again with this most recent wreck.

“I was inside working and I heard the crash, unfortunately, I knew exactly what it was without looking because it’s not the first time,” Haglund said.

One of the drivers went over large boulders Haglund placed alongside his property to prevent his home from getting hit again.

Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure mentioned efforts they’ve made like the six speeding signs that have been added, changed light timing, as well as additional work planned for this year which include adding posts to shorten pedestrian crossings and reconfiguring bike lanes.

But residents here say that’s not what they’re asking for.

“The only real solution here is engineering, its dips and speed bumps and two-way streets and other things that are going to physically force cars to slow down,” Haglund said. “I don’t think more signage is going to do anything. I don’t think traffic cameras are going to do much.”

Additionally, none of these planned measures are directly for this stretch of 13th.

“We feel like we’ve exhausted everything we can think of to do. We’ve contacted the city, we’ve contacted the media, we’ve contacted our neighborhood leaders, and we’ve gone to meetings. We don’t know what else to do, but we don’t see anything changing or anything that’s going to address the problem,” Haglund said.

FOX31 pushed DOTI after their initial response asking if anything will be done specifically at the intersections of Eudora and Dahlia to deal with these accidents and speeds. As of the time of this posting, we have not heard back.