DENVER (KDVR) — Residents along a busy road in Denver are raising concerns after yet another crash outside of their homes, this time with the vehicle hitting a home.

Early Monday morning just after midnight, a driver left the roadway on 13th Avenue and smashed into Eric Haglund’s home.

“We just heard a loud screech and crash and, unfortunately, we knew right away what it was,” Haglund said. FOX31 spoke to him outside his home on Thursday and looked at the damages.

“You see cars in the 60s and 70s [mph range] pretty regularly. It’s a danger to everyone on these streets, walking up and down these streets. It’s not surprising,” Haglund said.

Haglund said he is more concerned about safety in the area than the damage he has, saying more has to be done. He said there have been speed monitors placed, but it hasn’t slowed anyone down.

13th Avenue crashes nothing new for neighbors

This is not a new issue for these residents either. Just last September, a two-vehicle crash ended with vehicles hitting a power pole at 13th Avenue and Eudora Street, leaving people in this area powerless for over an hour.

The residents in this neighborhood say they feel more needs to be done.

“In my opinion, the speed traps and speed cameras and these signs are not much of a solution. I think the only way to do anything about this is some kind of infrastructure that’s going to physically slow down the cars, whether that’s speed bumps or dips or converting it to a two-way street,” Haglund said. “I think as long as it’s these one-way streets with nothing to slow them down, I see it continuing to be a problem.”

Haglund said he’s reached out to his local council person with his suggestions of making this a two-way street or speed bumps to slow down drivers, but he hasn’t received a response. FOX31 reached out late Thursday night and is waiting for a response.