DENVER (KDVR) — A new accident on 13th Avenue is raising more safety concerns for residents there.

That new accident being on the corner of 13th and Dahlia is where a car swerved off of the main road and nearly hit a home and a tree.

Heather Ehlers lives in that home that was almost hit and said it was a scary day.

“This is where a lot of the accidents happen like we just saw people not paying attention and just going through because they know they can,” said Ehlers.  

In fact, as we were on the sidewalk in front of Ehlers’ home there was almost another accident. Ehlers said this is just part of the norm of their neighborhood now.

“It seems like the streets are just getting worse and worse,” she said.

But this is far from the first round of accidents along this stretch of 13th, just last month we shared with you Eric Haglund’s story. He was asleep in the middle of the night when a car ran into his garage.

“I wish I could say I was surprised, but I’m not. I mean as you just experienced, you can’t comfortably sit out here on the corner and have a conversation without looking over your shoulder,” said Haglund.

He said at times he has seen drivers hitting 50 to 60 mph on 13th.

After we learned of Haglund’s incident, the Problem Solvers looked into this issue. The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure told FOX31, the work would be coming this summer for 21 intersections on 13th and 14th and they would be getting painted and adding posts to shorten pedestrian crossings and slow down drivers.

Those who live here said these changes can’t come soon enough.

“It doesn’t sound like anyone’s making it a high priority, it’s really frustrating,” Hagland said.

We did reach back out to DOTI to get an updated timeline of when they will be starting on these improvements, our source said they are looking into this and will get back to us.