DENVER (KDVR) — Loved ones are still searching for answers after two employees were killed inside the American Elm restaurant in Denver back in April.  

Emerall Vaughn-Dahler and Ignacio Gutierrez Morales were shot inside the restaurant on 38th and Raleigh in the West Highlands. So far, no suspects have been arrested. 

FOX31 has checked almost daily with police but has been given no suspect description and no hint of a motive, something Emerall’s husband, Andrew Dahler, said has been frustrating.

“It’s absolutely frustrating. It’s something that I think about daily,” Dahler said. “This person hasn’t been caught. We don’t have any answers at all.”

It’s fueling not only frustration but thoughts of fear. 

“It’s something that’s been more of a daily occurrence. Opening the door and not knowing if someone is going to be there looking for me,” Dahler said. “When you have no answers, you just don’t know how to feel. The safety and security is really tough sometimes.”

Police identified the victims as Emerall Vaughn-Dahler and Ignacio Gutierrez Morales. (Photos courtesy of Metro Denver Crime Stoppers)

Dahler said he’s finding comfort in living in the moment. 

“Looking too far in the future tends to give me notes of anxiety,” Dahler said. “Thinking of her and our future, it’s obviously not there anymore, so I really have to be present and in the now.” 

Dahler said his wife’s death has been tough on their 12-year-old son, Michael. 

“That was definitely a hard time just knowing that his mom wasn’t going to be around for that ending of sixth grade going into seventh, but he’s very strong and he’s kind of propping me up more than I feel I’m propping him up,” Dahler said.

Grateful for all the support from family and friends, Dahler said they are finding ways to keep her memory alive.

“It’s a lot of looking at pictures every day and talking to her,” Dahler said. “Just anything to make it feel like she’s still here.”

Denver Police have not released any new information at this time, but FOX31 is aware of a significant reward increase coming soon.

Right now, Metro Denver Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information. Anonymous tips can be provided by calling 720-913-7867 (STOP).