DENVER (KDVR) — As the temperatures plummeted Wednesday night, hundreds of Amazon employees were preparing for work.

There are 20 Amazon locations across the state, with the largest ones in the Denver metro area. One delivery station in Denver hit 122,000 packages in one day and another in Denver reached 92,000 packages processed in one day this week. This week is one of their busiest of the entire year.

Earlier this week, one of those major warehouses was preparing for the cold. FOX31 caught up with one driver, Ashley Benedict, as he was completing his route Thursday.

“You just wake up a little bit earlier and layer up more, just like every other Coloradan today,” Benedict said.

He’s been on the job for seven months, so this is his first time delivering in these conditions, although he keeps a cheerful attitude.

“I’m sort of like postal service but more fun,” Benedict said. “We are a very large team of people and so even though I’m sitting here driving out here, I am no more than two blocks from any of my coworkers.”

While many people stayed home on Thursday simply because of the icy and snowy roads, that wasn’t much of an issue for drivers like Benedict.

“It’s a giant metal box that’s protecting you, so it’s bigger than most SUVs or vans. The vans have great tires and they’re very safe. Safer than most vehicles you’d drive,” Benedict said.

Benedict said that around the holidays, those receiving the packages are usually grateful.

“They always say, ‘Stay warm.’ They always say, ‘Drive safe and be safe.’ And it’s funny because we all do, and we all will,” Benedict said.

Cold weather safety items are provided by Amazon too, like knit gloves with the ability to operate screens, ice cleats, Amazon-branded socks and headlamps.