DENVER (KDVR) — The man accused of exposing himself to women on trails in Jefferson County on multiple occasions has now been charged with five felonies.

Glenn Braden was arrested on Aug. 8 after two female hikers reported they had encounters with him that evening.

Prior to that, on July 26, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office had issued a warning about incidents that started in April and continued into the summer.

Braden now faces a total of 15 counts related to incidents on seven different dates.

The charges include five felony counts: four of unlawful sexual contact and one of attempt to commit sexual assault. Nine of the counts are misdemeanor indecent exposure and one of the counts is criminal mischief, which is considered a petty offense.

Felony charges carry the most significant punishment. If convicted, the suspect could face prison time. Misdemeanor charges have a lower level of punishment, generally limited to less than one year in jail and fines, and petty offenses are punished with fines and several days in jail.

The affidavit released after his arrest said Braden allegedly told deputies he would go hiking on mountain park trails and purposely expose himself to women he met along the way. 

He has been given a $100,000 cash bond and is not allowed to go to parks.