BRIGHTON, Colo. (KDVR) — The sheriff’s deputy credited with catching a suspected police impersonator, somehow always knew this day would come.

Adams County Sheriff’s Office Senior Deputy Gilbert Abdulla has worked the highways and surface streets for 23 years. Saturday afternoon, brought the first-of-its-kind opportunity.

“I’ve run this scenario in my head and I can’t believe it’s happening to me, now,” recalls Abdulla.

The veteran deputy said a man in a vehicle was trying to pass himself off as law enforcement on Interstate 76.

Abdulla said the suspect first pulled up behind the deputy, who happened to be in his personal vehicle, on his way to an off-duty assignment. The deputy said the suspect was even flashing law-enforcement-type lights.

“It just looked odd to me,” Abdulla added.

Abdulla said he allowed the suspect vehicle to pass and called Brighton police.

Abdulla said the suspect pulled over onto the shoulder close to I-76 and 136th Avenue. The senior deputy followed suit.

Once both came to a stop, Abdulla said the suspect exited his vehicle. The veteran deputy then got out of his vehicle and confronted the man about the phony law enforcement assertion.

The suspect was detained and taken into custody, without incident, by Brighton Police.

If you have experienced a similar encounter, call the Brighton Police Department.