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LITTLETON, Colo. — The city of Littleton will ban all activity on the South Platte River this weekend because of the low water levels.

Waterways across the state are running low because of the small snowpack in the mountains.

The ban is in effect from C-470 to Belleview Avenue.

Earlier this week, about 1,000 tubers hit Boulder Creek for Tube to Work Day, ignoring low levels and risking getting banged up by hitting rocks and the creek bottom.

The South Platte River is worse. Water is running at only about 20 cubic feet per second when it should be close to 500.

“The water levels are pretty low,” a tuber said. “Still a lot of fun. You have to be careful. You lift your butt so you don’t hit rocks.”

The lack of snowmelt means most of the water in the South Platte is coming from runoff from storm sewer systems.

The tubing ban starts at midnight Saturday and goes until 6 a.m. Sunday.

The city of Littleton said it will re-evaluate the health of the river after the weekend to determine if another ban is needed.