DENVER (KDVR) — If you’re trying to rent a house on Airbnb to host your Halloween party, you may have been blocked by artificial intelligence.

Last year, Airbnb implemented an AI across the U.S. and Canada to help reduce the risk of disruptive and unauthorized parties over the holiday weekend.

The company says this AI tries to identify higher-risk one-night and two-night bookings for entire home listings and prevent them. The technology looks at the booking attempt for signs it is a higher risk for a disruptive or unauthorized party incident, including the length of the trip, the distance to the listing and whether the booking is last-minute.

“While disruptive parties are rare, we want to try to reduce the risk of them even more,” Naba Banerjee, Airbnb’s head of trust and safety, said in an email. “Our AI anti-party system is an important tool in helping us to do that, and we’re optimistic it will have a positive impact for our community and neighborhoods this Halloween.”

For guests looking to book reservations for Halloween, the measures in effect across the US (including Puerto Rico) and Canada are:

  • Restrictions on one-night and two-night reservations, as the AI anti-party system will block certain one- and two-night entire home bookings “that are identified as potentially higher-risk for a party incident,” according to Airbnb.
  • Signatures from guests that attest to no parties on the property — if they break this rule, they face suspension or removal from the platform.

The anti-party system was implemented last year for Halloween, deterring thousands of people across the U.S. from booking an entire home listing on the platform, Airbnb said, including 2,400 Colorado bookings.

House parties still attracted violence, so this year Airbnb said it also created a dedicated law enforcement portal to share deterrence measures and support criminal investigations.

Neighbors can report concerns about a home they believe is listed on Airbnb to the platform in real-time via

Airbnb says it has been enforcing a global party ban, which has correlated with a global 55% year-over-two-year decrease in the rate of party reports to the platform since August 2020. Moreover, globally in 2022, just 0.039% of reservations on Airbnb resulted in an allegation of a party.