DENVER (KDVR) — Airbnb is announcing its plan to help stop unauthorized parties in its Denver locations.

Airbnb’s party ban, which began in August of 2020, states no gatherings or events with 17 or more people are allowed. This is an effort to deter disruptive behavior.

With the summer holidays coming up, Airbnb is adding new additions to this ban.

Single-night reservations for entire home listings during Memorial Day weekend and July 4th weekend are blocked for Airbnb guests who don’t have positive reviews.

According to Airbnb, their similar ban on 4th of July weekend of 2021 prevented over 600 people from booking single-night entire home stays in Denver.

This comes after an Airbnb party in Pittsburgh that ended in a shooting last month. Two people were killed and nine people were injured in the incident.

The ban is indefinite. To read Airbnb’s full guidelines, click here.