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DENVER (KDVR) — As more Colorado families are preparing to host Afghan refugees when they arrive in our state, a new initiative through Airbnb aims to help.

Airbnb recently announced it would provide temporary housing to 20,000 refugees around the world, including here in Colorado.

Dana Lubner and her husband signed up.

“I cannot imagine what they’ve gone through,” she said.

The Denver couple is offering their basement with a den, bathroom and bedroom.

They are not Airbnb hosts but registered to help.

“If you are a host, Airbnb is going to pay for that refugee’s stay with you. If you are not a host and you just want to open up your space for free, like my husband and I, then there is no money transaction,” Lubner said.

Thousands of Afghan refugees are expected here in Colorado. Airbnb is working with resettlement groups and other agencies to connect refugees and community members like Dana.

“If you do have that extra room in your property, or you have something you can do to give back, this is an opportunity that is right at our doorstep, and we do need housing so this is a huge opportunity,” Lubner said.

To register, visit the Airbnb website.