Air conditioner installation in Denver metro amid record heat

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DENVER (KDVR) — More and more central air conditioners are being installed across the Denver metro.

Technicians say they have been kept busy all summer long as the Mile High City reaches a turning point in new air conditioning installations.

“We’ve been very busy,” said Lucas Metz, with Done Plumbing & Heating.

Poor air quality from constant wildfires and the warmer weather have many turning to central air.

Metz said this year is different from previous years.

“There [were busy] periods in previous years, but it’s been more sustained this year for sure,” Metz said.

The City and County of Denver estimates about 30% of homes citywide do not have central air conditioning. A city report issued earlier this summer said summers are getting hotter and traditional cooling solutions — like opening windows or using house fans, swamp coolers and window air conditioning units — will eventually not be enough to stay comfortable.

The constant barrage of wildfire smoke and the oppressive heat are finally taking a toll during a time when more Coloradans are spending more time at home.

“People have been home a lot because of COVID,” Metz said. “They’re using their homes a lot differently than they did for a long time.”

Research on current increases in air conditioner installations are not currently readily available.

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