DENVER (KDVR) – So many groups around the world are helping in any way they can to refugees fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine and that effort is also happening right here in Colorado.

A local non-profit group in Berthoud called Ukraine Orphan Outreach just sold artwork from an artist out of Georgia, part of the proceeds will go to aid Ukrainian orphans.

Also, a business owner out of Italy reached out to FOX31 to share their effort to help folks in need.

“I saw the images and we are in an extremely lucky position that we have so much space available,” said Michael Kogelnik, owner of Bazza, a luggage brand. He is from Austria but his business is in Italy.

“It’s basically our duty to do it,” Kogelnik said.

“Right now, we have six people, four of these are kids so we have four kids aged two to ten years old,” Kogelnick said.

Kogelnik said his staff helped turn his offices into homes for the families who fled the war zone.

“First they went by car, 12 hours, through Ukraine and then Moldavia. Then they got into a bus that carried them all the way to Italy,” Kogelnik said.

The aid from Colorado to Italy is all compelled by a desire to help people who’ve been affected by circumstances they can’t control.

Kogelnik said helping people in need is something he and so many others can control.

“For me, I just woke up one day and said basically we need to do what we can do at least. So, that’s like the minimum,” Kogelnik said.

He has space to house more refugees, Kogelnik said, if they make their way to his offices in Milan.

Kogelnik does plan to bring in as many refugees as he can accommodate.