Ahead of Aurora protest, police say pipes, drones, ‘excessive noise’ are not allowed


AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — The Aurora Police Department has released rules for protesters ahead of a demonstration planned for Saturday evening.

The protest is to demand justice for Elijah McClain, who died in August 2019 after he was confronted by three police officers and injected with ketamine by paramedics.

APD listed what is and is not permitted on its website.

Sticks, poles, pipes, bats and similar objects are not permitted, police said.

Wooden sticks are allowed for holding signs if they are blunt on each end and fewer than 40 inches long.

Drones are also forbidden, APD said.

Additionally, police said “excessive noise” is not allowed.

“Please be advised the use of using bullhorns, noisemakers, and like devices cause actual physical pain, or bodily injury, to attendees, which is unlawful,” police said.

APD said it values citizens’ right to free speech.

“However, there are limits. For example, ‘Fighting Words,’ or words that are inherently likely to provoke a violent reaction or a breach of the peace through retaliation, are not protected by the First Amendment. Additionally, criminal conduct, such as theft and destruction of another’s property or physical assault of another person, and trespassing is not protected by the First Amendment,” APD said.

Police encouraged people who may be contacted by an officer to be cordial and comply with orders.

APD said that as a last resort, it may give orders for the crowd to disperse. The order would be given in English and Spanish.

“This will only occur when there is a clear and present danger of immediate threat to safety,” APD said. “Please follow all orders immediately and peacefully while evacuating the area. If a dispersal order is given, all attendees will be given directions on a safe route to leave the area.”

Earlier this week, a class action lawsuit was filed against the City of Aurora and several individual officers and police leaders because of the heavy police response during a demonstration last month.

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