DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser released a report Wednesday that highlights how social media is becoming a popular venue for illegal drug activity.

“How easy is it using these social media platforms to get these dangerous drugs? The answer: It’s as easy as ordering a pizza,” Weiser said.

Weiser said to stop the growing trend, there needs to be a multi-faceted approach, starting with social media platforms. The new report suggests social media platforms should adopt a uniform set of practices to prevent drug activity and provide reports. The report also recommends legislation that would require companies to disclose their policies on drug activity.

“With respect to these platforms, they can do better in searching for and taking down anyone selling fentanyl on their site,” Weiser said. “In some cases, some platforms are even lenient, giving people multiple chances.”

AG: Greater need for fentanyl oversight

They’re finding more of the drugs being sold are laced with deadly amounts of fentanyl. Last year, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration found roughly six out of every 10 prescription pills seized from drug sellers contained a potentially lethal dose of fentanyl.

“At the federal level, there’s a great need for oversight. We need a fentanyl agency empowered to oversee these platforms, to help us address not just this problem but tomorrow’s problems too, because we know this is a changing landscape,” Weiser said.

The report recommends more transparency from social media platforms and urges better cooperation with law enforcement, so they can quickly respond to tips or concerns of users selling drugs.