DENVER (KDVR) — Denver said it plans improvements next year at an intersection neighbors say is prone to safety problems, like when a homicide suspect crashed into someone’s yard during a police chase.

At West 13th Avenue and Perry Street, speeding cars and hit-and-run crashes happen way too often, according to neighbors, who say the street can seem more like a drag strip.

On Monday, the Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure told FOX31 it’s working on improvements to be installed next year. The new traffic features will be designed to slow vehicles and improve pedestrian safety.

Here is the full statement from DOTI:

DOTI is designing improvements for the intersection of West 13th Avenue and Perry Street to be installed next year when the weather and pavement warms up.

We’re going to install “bump outs” on the west side of the intersection to slow vehicle speeds and turns and reduce the crossing distance for people walking.

We’re also going to be adding crosswalks and stop bars on W 13th Ave at Perry where there are currently stop signs to make pedestrians that are crossing the street more visible to drivers, and we’ll complete what we call “daylighting,” which is pulling back the parking at the corners so drivers have greater visibility around them.

We’ll also add centerline markings on Perry St across W 13th Avenue to help guide drivers through the intersection, which is a little bit offset.

This work is coming out of improvements planned with the neighborhood as part of our Neighborhood Transportation Management Program, the goals of which are to identify and address neighborhood mobility issues and challenges.

Nancy Kuhn, director of communications for the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure

After the crash involving a homicide suspect a week ago, neighbors had complained to FOX31 that the stretch where it happened lacked speed bumps. They said emergency vehicles use the street often.

Back at the home where the car crashed, the resident said her own vehicles had been hit three different times.