Afghans in Denver call for expedited aid for their fleeing relatives

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DENVER (KDVR) — Demonstrators gathered at the Colorado State Capitol on Thursday to call for aid to Afghans trying to flee that country.

“A lot of us here that have shown up tonight were either Afghan-Americans, which is myself, or were Afghan refugees,” said Nadeema Safi, a local Afghan-American.

Safi joined supporters to call for action on a helpless situation a world away.

Afghanistan situation ‘a humanitarian crisis’

“What we’re demanding is humanitarian aid, because Afghanistan is definitely going through a humanitarian crisis,” Safi said.

She helped organize Thursday’s demonstration and for her, the stakes are high.

“I’ve got my grandma, my uncles, so many cousins — more than I can even count — my aunt, and we’re trying to get them out,” Safi said.

Fareid Amin speaks at a demonstration at the Colorado Capitol on Aug. 19, 2021. He said he was an Afghan diplomat helping his country’s mission in Austria both before and after the Taliban. (KDVR)

Another demand: speeding up the process to accept refugees.

“The process is so difficult,” Safi said, “we would like the president to make the refugee resettlement process expedited and a little bit easier for everybody.”

Fareid Amin was also at the demonstration.

He said he was an Afghan diplomat helping his country’s mission in Austria, both before and after the Taliban.

He said the U.S. needs to step up its role to help his countrymen.

“They did invest in the past 20 years,” Amin said.

Keeping hope for Afghan children

Nadeema Safi, a local Afghan-American, called for expedited support to Afghanistan in a demonstration Thursday, Aug. 19, 2021, at the Colorado Capitol. (KDVR)

Safi said the outpouring of support Afghans received at the Denver demonstration did not go unnoticed.

“It means the absolute world to me, seeing all these people here who are non-Afghans, Afghans, Muslims or non-Muslim,” Safi said.

She said wants the dream she achieved to be within reach for children from Afghanistan.

“I just actually recently graduated from the University of Colorado Denver,” Safi said.

“All these kids in Afghanistan are aspiring doctors, dentists, engineers, and I want to give them the opportunity to hold the diploma the same way I held one,” she said.

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