Afghan interpreter tells local Air Force vet he’s still trying to escape the Taliban

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DENVER (KDVR) — A local Air Force veteran put FOX31 in touch with her interpreter in Afghanistan as thousands are left in desperate situations in that country.

“Right now I’m working with over 60 families, over 150 individuals,” she said.

Immigration attorney, Cash Fazal, an Afghan-American, is frantically working to help get people out of that country.

“Approximately 100,000 people, refugees are still left behind,” Fazal said.

Among those, an interpreter we can not identify for his own safety, is receiving help from a local Air Force veteran for him and his family.

“She was advising us and she was supporting us,” the interpreter said. He said she’s providing monetary support, logistical support, even moral support.

“For the time being, as much as she can, she’s trying her best to plan our evacuation,” the interpreter said.

Fazal said the situation of the thousands of others left behind is becoming hopeless, fast.

“The other countries that are accepting people from Afghanistan are Pakistan, Turkey and India,” Fazal said.

She described desperate people in a desperate situation having to rely on anyone they can trust to help them.

“They’re bunking out in abandoned buildings, they’re bunking out at their friends’ houses, at their family members’ houses,” Fazal said.

The interpreter told FOX31, he’s also been shacking up where he can, but he isn’t alone. “I have a wife, three daughters including one son,” he said.

It’s hard enough to take care of his own family, he explained, but he’s also caring for another. “I have my stepbrother’s family as well,” he said.

His stepbrother, he said, was killed by the Taliban several years ago.

As Fazal explained, the dangers of an uncertain situation presents more obstacles to many peoples’ escape to safety.

“The uncertainty creates the most significantly high risk situation for the people of Afghanistan right now,” Fazal said.

On Saturday, the airport in Kabul had been reopened by the Taliban which has promised safe passage for people choosing to leave.

An estimated 1,500 Afghan refugees could be resettled in Denver between now and the end of the year, according to the International Rescue Committee.

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