LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) — People were camping out and waiting in line for hours for the show to begin. We are not talking about a rock concert, but the Affordable Arts Festival. 

An air horn is not something you would normally hear at the beginning of an art show, but it is if you are going to the Affordable Arts Festival at the Arapahoe Community College.

“It is the most fun ever at an arts festival,” said Jim Delutes, Affordable Arts Festival founder.

Delutes said the experience is a combination of art, a game show and a Black Friday sale.

“It is because there are deals that are phenomenal this year. The best deal is a $4,800 piece [that is priced at] 100 bucks,” said Delutes.

Delutes is getting good at marking the field at Arapahoe Community College. He should be, this is the show’s 11th successful season.

“Once people come, they are just addicted because they are getting such phenomenal pieces of work for such a great price. They just keep coming back,” said Delutes.

Littleton artist Bruce White’s paintings will be up for grabs at the show as well.

“That’s Mount Evans in the fall. That is a Japanese garden in San Francisco. The one at the bottom is Byers Peak at Winter Park. And the last one here is the Almalfi Coast in Italy,” said White.

And it is not just paintings that are available.

“This is a handmade glass necklace, $225 originally, now $100. And, we have blown glass that was $400, now $100,” said Delutes.

Works of art that sell for up to $4,800 will sell at the show for no more than $100.

Art lovers, start your engines.