DENVER (KDVR) — Ahead of 4/20, Native Roots, the Colorado Department of Transportation and Mothers Against Drunk Driving reviewed the state of impaired driving in Colorado, discussed emerging trends to prevent impaired driving on all types of drugs, and shared how cannabis consumers can plan ahead to get home safely.   

Survey Results  

Native Roots released the results of a new survey from 520 customers which includes how likely they are to drive or use transportation while feeling the effects of cannabis.

About 71% of survey takers use cannabis at least once a day, and 4% always consume alcohol and marijuana together.  

The survey showed that 41% of people might drive while under the influence of marijuana. It also showed that 11% of people said they are very likely to drive, 8% said probably and 22% said it depends on the amount of marijuana they consumed. 

About 59% said they don’t feel comfortable driving after consuming marijuana, according to the survey. The survey showed 26% of people are not very likely and 33% said they would never drive after getting high.

A combined 30% said at some point they’ve been a passenger in a car where the driver had consumed cannabis.  

Safety Campaign 

Ahead of 4/20, the unofficial cannabis holiday, Native Roots, CDOT and MADD are encouraging people to make informed and safe driving choices.

CDOT has an online impaired driving course that all Native Roots budtenders will complete.

Also, in an effort to keep people from getting behind the wheel while they’re high, Native Roots is waiving all delivery fees from April 16 to April 22.     

People who come to Native Roots on April 13 will be given multi-use keychains that say “safe buds.”

This effort is paid for by marijuana cash tax money.