LOVELAND, Colo (KDVR) — On a picture perfect late summer day, David Marks jumped into the cold water at Boyd Lake in Loveland. 

He admits he didn’t really know what to expect, hopping on a wakeboard for the first time.

But he came away from the experience feeling empowered and ready for more adventure, just two years after losing his left leg following an infection.

“It was magical, it was exciting, it was powerful,” he said. “It was everything I had hoped it would be.”

He got the chance Saturday thanks to an adaptive wake surfing event put on by Hanger Clinic and Tommy’s Boats.

Roughly 30 people with physical challenges got the chance to hit the water, as Hanger staff outfitted their prosthetics with water-proof seals. 

“They’ve been through a lot,” said Prosthetist Jeff Retallack. “And a lot of people are trying to get back to what they were doing prior to losing their leg.”

Marks says he was grateful for the opportunity to try a new sport and for the motivation it gives him moving forward.

“One of my goals has been to experience things I never did before, even when I had both legs.” he says. “And in so many ways, life has been so much better taking on a new perspective and finding out that I can do things, that I’m not letting things stop me.”