ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — All trails in Adams County will remain closed until at least Monday so trails have a chance to dry out and crews can asses any damage. This includes the Clear Creek, Little Dry Creek, Niver Canal and South Platte River trails.

“Several sections of trail are covered with running water and they really are unsafe,” said Byron Fanning, Adams County’s director of Parks and Open Space.

Stormwater is running into the lakes and rivers and overflowing onto some trails. Despite how it looks, Fanning said the system is designed to work this way after improvements made in 2013.

“Trail system between the lakes and the trails and the river are doing exactly what they’re supposed to do. In many instances, for example, where we’re most concerned are some spillways where when lakes get too high, it spills over the trail system and goes right into the river. That’s exactly what’s happening,” Fanning said.

Fanning said they will let trails dry out over the weekend and then check for damage on Monday, when some of the trails could reopen. Crews will clear out debris, and in some cases, need to replace concrete.

“We have a trail further out here at this park where the ground under the trail is kind of giving way, the concrete still in place, but it’s not safe. It could collapse at any time. So before we can reopen that, we’re going to have to shore it back up,” Fanning said.

If they have to make any repairs to concrete, Fanning said they’ll have detours in place to get around the construction.