ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Adams County Sheriff Rick Reigenborn has started a livestream on Saturday nights for community members to watch a nightly shift from inside the patrol car.

“Jump in the back seat, grab your Pepsi, grab your popcorn, don’t make a mess and come see what we do from the front seat of the sheriff’s car,” Reigenborn said.

He started the 9 p.m. live stream just after the new year. So far, they have hosted four different live streams, but this past Saturday’s gained the most attention after a pursuit was caught on camera.

“At some point, that vehicle started going again and rammed into our patrol car,” Reigenborn said.

The suspect was eventually arrested, but between the five hours of Saturday’s live stream they also arrested someone on suspicion of a DUI and responded to a shots-fired call.

“They get to see what we’re doing on a nightly basis on Saturday night,” Reigenborn said.

He said he was inspired to start the live stream after a fellow sheriff in a county in Minnesota was doing something similar except on Friday nights.

Throughout the streams, Reigenborn asks quiz questions about different things in the county and whoever answers correctly will receive a prize he will ship to your home.