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ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. — There were harsh insults unleashed by the man who represents the defeated Adams County Sheriff about the man who will soon take over that office.

Current Sheriff Mike McIntosh, a Republican, is out and his Democratic challenger Rick Reigenborn is in.

That clearly didn’t sit well with department spokesman Jim Morgen, who posted angry, profanity laced comments on a friend’s Facebook page saying voters who chose Reigenborn are “stupid.”

“I’m so disgusted with Colorado and specifically Adams County voters that could only see a d. It makes me completely sick that some complete dumb ass will win as sheriff with no ability only and I mean only because he has a d in front of his name.” Morgen wrote, ”23 years of service down the drain with only retiring as an option.”

Another vulgar comment strongly insults the sheriff-elect’s intelligence.

The posts have since been deleted. Both McIntosh and Reigenborn shared strong opinions with FOX31.

Reigenborn said, “I’m extremely disappointed that someone at the sheriff’s office that’s a sergeant and a PIO would make those comments. There are better avenues to express your opinion without going to that far extreme.”

The sharpest criticism of Morgen’s comments came from his own boss, Sheriff McIntosh, who told FOX31, “I can tell you that I think that it was inappropriate and it was a bonehead move on his part and obviously does not reflect who we are as an agency.”

Morgen did not violate department social media policy since his post did not appear on an official page.

He will not be disciplined, but will be counseled by the staff.

Sheriff McIntosh said he had already immediately reached out to the sheriff-elect and congratulated him on his success. He pledges  to work as hard as he can to make the upcoming transition a smooth one.

Reigenborn was with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office from 1991 to 2015 and currently is a detective with the Mountain View Police Department.