ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Adams County said 23 roads were still shut down on Monday after days of rain caused flooding and damage.

They are warning people not to go around the barricades. Many roads are still covered with water and others have been heavily damaged or washed out.

FOX31 got a close look at one of those washed-out roads at East 48th Avenue and Strasburg Road. The road was under 4 feet of water at one time after the rains moved through last week.

The road is in a rural area north of Strasburg. FOX31 was told farmers reported up to 6 inches of rain falling in the area in a short period of time.

At one point, swift-water rescuers had to be called to help a person stranded in the rushing waters. It’s the reason Adams County Public Works crews are asking people to obey road closed signs.

“When we first closed this road, it looked like there were only 2 or 3 inches of water on it. I know what it does to this road, so we closed the road down. Once the water subsided, we saw that we had this kind of damage,” Adams County Public Works District Manager David Tuttles said. “So people need to be aware of the ‘road closed’ signs. It might only look like a couple of inches, but then you have a 5- to 6-foot dropoff.”

It is not clear how long it will take to get this fixed. 

There are many other roads still closed in Adams County, and they may need just as much work too.

Here is the full list of roads that were closed as of Monday afternoon:

  • 26th Avenue between Yulle and Wolf Creek roads
  • 64th Avenue between Piggott and Wolf Creek roads
  • Piggott Road from 80th to 88th avenues
  • Old Victory Road from Highway 36 to Highway 79
  • 72nd Avenue from Bradbury-Krebs to Xmore roads
  • Road 15 from Bradbury-Krebs to Xmore roads
  • 26th Avenue from Strasburg Road to Comanche Drive
  • 26th Avenue from Piggott to Yulle roads
  • 48th Avenue from Strasburg to Piggott roads
  • 112th Avenue from Headlight to Nordbye roads
  • 112th Avenue from Behrens to Horrogate roads
  • 72nd Avenue from Converse Road to SH 79
  • 80th Avenue from Schumaker Road to SH 79
  • Cameron Drive from Guy Court to O’Brien
  • Converse Road from 128th to 144th avenues
  • Converse Road from 88th to 112th avenues
  • East 112th Avenue from SH 79 to Converse Road
  • 104th Avenue at Manilla Road and at Tumbleweed Court
  • 64th Avenue from Converse to Schumaker roads
  • Converse Road from 88th to 64th avenues
  • 72nd Avenue at Converse Road and SH 79
  • 80th Avenue from SH 79 to Schumaker
  • 112th Avenue from Himalaya to Picadilly roads