ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — The Adams County Clerk and Recorder’s Office intercepted a ballot that had a suspicious substance on it.

According to the clerk and recorder’s office, a clerk who noticed the suspicious ballot reported it to Thornton Police Department, the sheriff’s office and the FBI. The ballot had a significant amount of powdery substance coming out of it.

According to the clerk and recorder’s office, hazmat, paramedics, fire and other emergency personnel arrived and securely tested the substance in the ballot. The office said initial tests on the ballot tested negative for narcotics, explosives and biological agents. However, there was a concerning unknown chemical.

The samples were then sent to a state lab for further testing. According to the office, initial results came back negative, but full confirmation could take up to five days.

The clerk and recorder’s office did confirm that some of the substances were identified as cooking materials.

According to Adams County, the ballot has been marked as received so another ballot cannot be issued and used for double voting.

The county said that if the substance is harmless the vote will be counted, and if it is harmful they will mark the ballot as damaged and reissue a new one.

The office reminded voters the election remains secure and that they take election security very seriously.

Adams County held a live press conference discussing the suspicious ballot. Watch the full news conference on FOX31 NOW.