ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — The Adams 14 School District has been denied its request to find a new outside manager by the State Board of Education.

The district fired its management company earlier this month and asked to look for a replacement, but the state board temporarily denied that request pending research and additional information. A hearing is expected for April.

The Adams 14 School District says the external management firm it fired, MGT, was not working in the best interest of the district. The Adam’s County District Attorney’s Office is investigating a forensic audit conducted into MGT’s conduct with the district claiming questionable financial, instructional, ethical and legal actions.

The state board issued a 2018 order to help the district dramatically improve poor student performance.

The State Board of Education said it is seeking community feedback about the future of the district.

“We will fight any moves by the State Board of Education to try to consolidate this district or otherwise move against this district … We believe that the State Board of Education has gone well beyond their skees and their authority in many ways. And we think this will also be another way,” Adams 14 legal counsel Joseph Salazar said.

“For them to telegraph that they’re going to engage community on reorganizing this district is pretty sickening and just inappropriate altogether. They’re going to find out what Adams County is all about and that we stick with each other. And if they need to learn that the hard way, well then I guess, so be it.”

Board of Education members, Adams 14 administration, legal counsel, and community representatives discussed actions and next steps for the district to take and answered questions from media and concerned parents.

You can watch a full video of the meeting on FOX31 NOW.