EDGEWATER, Colo. (KDVR) — The family of 33-year-old Adam Fresquez, a man shot and killed outside of a Tesla charging station in May, gathered outside of the Edgewater Police Department to protest the police investigation into his death.

The significance of protesting Friday is that Sept. 15 marks the first day of Latinx Heritage Month. Fresquez’s family and loved ones gathered outside of Edgewater Police Department Friday morning calling for justice and more transparency in the case of his death.

Adam’s brother, Mario Fresquez, and community activists went inside the station to try and speak with the chief. But their offices were closed, despite posted hours stating they would be open.

“They knew we were going to be here. Why are they closed? The hours on the door say they close at noon. It’s 10:30. Where are they?” Mario said regarding the offices being closed.

FOX31 reached out to police for a response.

Unfortunately, the office staff is not scheduled to work on Fridays. There is a posted sign on the front door to the police department that reflects this as well as gives directions to contact Jeffcom Dispatch if they need assistance from any member of the department,” Edgewater Police Sgt. Bob Brink said in an email.

Adam Fresquez sits on a couch in a T-shirt, jeans and a cap
Adam Michael Fresquez was killed May 3 after a shooting at a Tesla charging station in Edgewater (Credit: Edgewater Police Department on behalf of Adam Fresquez’s family)

Family wants Adam Fresquez case handed over

Their protest demanded Edgewater hand over to another police agency the investigation, the charging of the shooter and any footage to be released.

“I think we’re all in agreeance that we would like to see it be taken out of Edgewater PD. We feel like they haven’t conducted a proper investigation from the start,” Mario said.

The autopsy shows Adam was sprayed with mace and shot in the back twice. The coroner’s report also says Adam had cocaine and fentanyl in his system. The shooter told police it was in self-defense.

The family has serious questions about the validity of that claim of self-defense, mainly because the shooter left the scene before later turning himself in. Their question: If it was self-defense, why would he leave the scene and not render aid?

Meanwhile, they are also asking for the identification of the shooter who remains uncharged. However, police typically won’t reveal the name of a person not charged with a crime.

“Months later, why are you hiding him? What is it that he is connected to that you guys are hiding him? We just want to know why is he being protected more than my brother,” Mario said.

According to Edgewater’s chief, police are anticipating a meeting with the district attorney’s office in the next few weeks.