Activists say indictments in Elijah McClain case don’t go far enough

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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — While some were glad to hear about the indictments of three Aurora Police officers and two paramedics, others believe they fell short. 

The activists FOX31 spoke with were directly involved in calling for action to be taken against the officers and paramedics involved in Elijah McClain’s death. 

There was a sense of relief but they say more serious action is needed. 

“My reaction is I’m trying to temper it because yes I’m happy that these people were charged. I honestly think the should have been charged with murder. (It should be) Way more than manslaughter. They killed Elijah McClain,” said violence prevention advocate Jason McBride. 

McBride contends the officers’ and paramedics’ decision to use ketamine was intentional. 

“It’s about time.  I will never be happy because Elijah shouldn’t have had to die. I think manslaughter is light for what occurred that night,” said former Aurora Community Police Task Force member Lindsay Minter. 

Candice Bailey who has been at the forefront of protests calling for action against rogue police officers said today her first thoughts were with McClain’s family. 

“I cried without reserve with every emotion of every human being that had stood with me this past year that made a path for all of this to be possible,” said Bailey. 

Bailey now plans to run for city council. She says public safety is one of her top priorities. 

“Today we saw 32 counts on an indictment that will likely change the gravitation of what happens in our community and other communities around this nation,” said Bailey. 

Activists we talked to believe the indictments mark the beginning of an era of change in holding police accountable, but they say there is still a long way to go. 

Some believe Aurora’s police chief has done a good job in trying to improve the culture at the department. 

Another made it clear they believe it was just a small group of officers that were creating an unacceptable culture, not the whole police department.

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